About Us

RENESCO GROUP is a company that invests in energy and waste management, develops technology, directs change and produces energy efficiency solutions.


Renesco is Turkey's leading biogas company, with 120 office and 500 field employees. As Turkey's market leader, with 20 Biogas plants and 87 MW of power we have established in a short period of 4 years, our goal is to show the same success abroad.
For this reason, our company, which aims at energy efficiency and effective use of resources, will continue to invest in clean environment and recyclable energy. Thanks to the investments to be made and the facilities planned to be established, it is planned to produce electricity from biogas and produce fertilizers and to present the final products with high financial value to the market.
Another of our goals is; is to lead the sector by carrying out energy efficiency studies in the industry. Taking the risk factors on ourselves; Within the scope of ESCO, it is one of our greatest ambitions to make a difference with our innovative and quality service approach.
In this context , Renesco Energy realizes this mission by carrying out joint R&D studies with Turkey's leading technical universities.
As Renesco, we aim to prevent the waste of natural resources and, while doing this, to ensure the sustainability of energy investments in the global economy, and to base the future of energy in the world and in our country on solid foundations.


To direct not only renewable but also convertible energy.


The leading company of the sector with our 22 power plants that we have established and operated, our technical knowledge and our expert engineer staff.